Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hand Washing Is Optional?

Spencer is starting to get down this whole potty training thing.

He woke up from his nap yesterday, took off his diaper, used the bathroom, and put on underwear all by himself with out any prompting.

I was in the middle of high five-ing him and praising him when Izabella asked him in a stern tone, "Spencer, did you remember to wash your hands?"

To which Spencer solemnly replied, "Izabella, it's a choice."

Wait a minute, it's optional for boys to wash their hands?!

While at BYU, I worked on a custodial staff for a semester. I frequently had to refill the soap in the soap dispenser in the women's bathroom, but not once did I have to add soap to the men's room dispenser. Go figure.

Oh and since Lucie doesn't talk yet, I can't throw in any cute quotes from her, but here is a great pic for your viewing pleasure. (Just look at how she gives her thumbs up of approval to the quote.)

I did not spray paint the message on the sidewalk. I merely placed Lucie next to it and took a pic when I saw it.

I'm not sure what the original author intended (I think it's for breast cancer awareness), but I do know that Lucie loves nursing.


Actor Andrew said...

Oh that picture is just too funny. Thumbs up indeed.

Dena said...

I do think that boys "think" hand washing is optional. I am trying to figure out a graceful way to let them know it isn't! :) Love the picture. Glad you found a way for me to get MY FIX!

Rachelle said...

yeah the boys in my house think it's optional too...good luck changing that! love the pic too! :)

Emily said...

Ew. Why are boys so gross?

That picture is the best. She really is giving thumbs up. Totally the coolest.

LeaAnne said...

:) Gotta love the sign~ Yup.. little boy we MUST teach them early..

I hate to shake hands with men on Sundays at church.. because I have heard to many time how grossed out my dad is by the lack of adult men washing hands at

Danielle said...

Boys are great! I love that picture - too cute! I'm pretty sure that's the phrase my nursing baby would say if she could talk. :o)

Mary said...

I love your sense of humor Aimee! And that Jack and Jill rendition is very entertaining.