Monday, September 6, 2010

Kickin' the Addiction

Since Tygh has been fasting for 24 hours with out food each month with out me for the past 5 plus years (I've been preggers of nursing for that long), I decided to find my own way of fasting.

In my mind, I think part of fasting is conquering something that you just don't think you can go without. For the past few months I fast from one fast Sunday until the next by giving up something that could be considered a kind of addiction.

This isn't a gospel principle, this is just an Aimee thing. I try and pick a gospel principle to study alongside what ever it is I'm giving up, so it's not just about self discipline.

July I gave up ice cream.

Did you ever stop and think how much the 4th of July and other Summer activities revolve around ice cream? There is a lot. Trust me.

Tygh helped me out each night by eating 2 Schwann's ice cream cones in front of me. He'd say that the first one was his as he ate it, and then he'd eat a second and tell me that he mine for me.

August I gave up soda. Again, hot weather in Yakima is all about soda.

Tygh has been nagging me about how much time I spend on Facebook and he's been asking me to give it up as a monthly fast since I started.

I pulled out my calendar and calculated that September is the month that has two fast Sundays because of General Conference in October. So I am going to give this a try.

A lot of the time I spend on FB is reading my friends updates, looking at their links, and reading comments. So I figure blogging doesn't count and this will be my crutch until September 26th (not that I'm counting down).

Wish me luck!

I wanted to share this funny little quick story with you. Last week Spencer pretty much was an honorary Kindergartner. He tagged along with Izabella for the first half hour or so at school each day. He really seemed to like the opening circle time that they had. On the walk home, it wasn't uncommon to hear him reciting the poems they learned or singing the songs he heard at school.

Thursday the kids made little puppets and acted out Jack and Jill while Mrs. Sauer read the poem to the kids. Spencer decided to take the poem one step further and act it out at home.

I was downstairs when I heard Spencer go into the backyard to get something and then I heard him go to the bathroom.

Shortly after he went to the bathroom, I heard him calling to me for help. Since Spencer is potty training, I thought little of this event.

When I got into the bathroom, I discovered that he was filling a bucket with water. He had got it stuck on the faucet and he wanted me to carry it to the top of the basement stairs. I did as he requested, but I was really puzzled.

He tried to clarify and he explained, "Mom, I'm Jack. I need this."

I'm pretty slow and I didn't get what he was talking about. He then walked down the stairs and repeated, "Mom, I'm Jack."

Izabella got it at this point. "Yeah, and I'm Jill." I then realized that I was holding a pail of water at the top of the "hill."

That boy sure can make me laugh the way he thinks! He asked me to get the camera and then the kids acted out the poem and watched and re watched their video clip for over a half an hour.

The things we Lybberts do for entertainment.


Actor Andrew said...

Good luck to you staying away from Facebook. Also impressive kicking some of those common habits/addictions like soda and ice cream. BTW that video with Izzy and Spencer was adorable!

LeaAnne said...

I already miss you.. :) You can do it~!
(The last soda I drank was Dec. 31, 1989... Trust me, everything revolves around
Love to you!

Rachelle said...

that is sooo cute! good luck with facebook. i find that it's not horribly hard to stay away once i've been away for a couple of days...but when i come back i feel totally lost and out of touch!

Janna said...

I still think Tygh needs to give up hunting for a month - say, in the month of October...See how that goes over! :)

Loved Jack and Jill - aspiring actors. Quite dramatic! Nice to see the kids go down those stairs about as fast as I do! :D

Danielle said...

I don't do Facebook, so I can't comment on how hard it will be to stay away. But, I do check in on your blog often because your family cracks me up - I'm glad that there may be new material often!