Monday, October 18, 2010

Good, Better, Best?

So tonight for Family Home Evening I tried to teach the kids about Elder Oaks' conference talk from back in 2007 called Good, Better Best.

I've been overworked, exhausted and fed up with things lately and I've been trying to weed out good things and focus on keeping the better things that I fill up my day with.

Since Izabella is now at school for 7 hours of her day, I feel like the time I have to spend with her is really too precious to be spent watching TV. I decided to bribe the kids with rewards each day they are TV free. At first it was a little hard trying to figure out how to get a long and what we could all do besides zoning in front of the tube, but it is getting to be really fun.

I didn't want the kids to think I said no more TV or movies because it is bad, I just wanted them to know that there are better things they can do.

I baked 3 different sized cookies for a little object lesson. First I gave them a small oatmeal cookie, that they were really grateful to have and we talked about how it was "thumbs up good." Then I brought out a little bigger cookie and we talked about how it was a better cookie. The kids decided to illustrate this by saying it was better by 2 thumbs up.

Then I busted out the mother of all cookies that illustrated what best is like. They gave that the action of 2 thumbs way up.

As they were eating their cookies I slowly led them through more examples of good better and best in their daily lives. Like going to church: good, getting there on time: better, getting there on time and not fighting with each other in order to get there on time: best. Watching TV: good, playing with toys:better, playing a learning game together:best.

After a few of my examples Izabella wanted to provide her own.

She excitedly started with a thumbs up, "Following Jesus is good."

Then two thumbs up, "Listening to Mom and Dad is better." So she just ranked my my word above deity. Not bad, but I was wondering about what was coming next.

Then she enthusiastically put her hands above her head and declared, "Opening Christmas presents is BEST!"

Well at least she got the idea sort of?


Ginni Bingham LeVar said...

Opening Christmas presents is best, don't you know?

Liz Smith said...

I totally read this while putting off homework, and then that talk turned out to be something I had to read for class. Laughed through the whole thing.
-Liz Smith