Monday, November 29, 2010

It's a miracle no one is dead after the Lybberts sled

It has become a tradition for me to hurdle Spencer down a hill on a sled against his will and then share the video clip with you all.

Here's this years gem:

Today my neighbor entrusted me with her daughter Mary and she's the one that you see sliding on to the pavement at the end of the clip.

Our favorite place to go sledding is at the church where the kids have preschool. There is a fenced in playground with the perfect hill.

Izabella is the legs that you see in the air as she bites it. She ended up doing a backwards somersault. I was worried that she was going to suffer from me cutting out gymnastics from her busy schedule, but she's still got all the skills needed to continue to succeed.

We've had snow for over a week now so we've had lots of chances to go sledding. Even little Lucie is being thrown into the mix. (If you're wondering what Tygh is doing in the pic, he's just imitating the face Lucie makes when she has to wear her snowsuit.)

After hating the snow due to growing up on the Western side of the state, I think I'm starting to enjoy the winter and I'm accepting the snow. I am not to the point of liking it, but at least it provides good entertainment for me as a parent.

At the end of my amusement-at-my-children's-expense experience they are rewarded with a cup of warm hot cocoa.

I was told by the lady that the hot chocolate was 99.9% caffeine free, but take a look at Spencer's face and let me know what you think.


Danielle said...

Yep, that looks caffeine AND sugar free. :o) Looks like some fun times - we've just had a dusting so far. And of course, the entire city shut down in preparation for StormBlast 2010.

Sara said...

ROFL! Your kids are so awesome, Aimee! Love that look on Spencer's face!