Friday, January 21, 2011

Say Cheese!

I've decided to document an ordinary day as opposed to waiting for the extraordinary. Not every day is absolutely nuts in our house -just most days =)

Tonight I just snapped a few pics of everyone enjoying our pizza night.

Just look at all that tomato stainage!

Lucie is mistakenly under the assumption that the body absorbs nutrients through the skin, not the digestive track. Just look at how much yogurt and pizza she smeared all over to make her nice relaxing facial mask.

Lately Lucie automatically says cheese every time she sees the camera just like one of those trained chimpanzees.

It just melts my heart.

Take a look at this little video clip to see how much of a ham everyone is... well everyone that is except Tygh.


Danielle said...

I discovered today that I had taken no pictures of my kids in January...nothing eventful ever happens to us so I often forget to bring out the camera. I'm trying to be better about taking pictures of our mundane lives - like your cute pizza faces! Looks like fun.

Loraine said...

Baby Lucie is brilliant! Who needs all the work of the digestive tract when there's transdermal absorption? It's way more fun! She wears it well.Too cute. This age is a blast, I love seeing what my 1 yr old will discover next. Enjoy those wonderful ordinary days!

Mary said...

Ha! I love Tygh's cheese.

That Lucie is darling. I just watched the video of "uh-oh." She is squeezable Aimee! I love her cheese too.

Fun times sledding I might add. I love how Spencer just hangs on and goes for it.

And Izzy and her photography skills! Talent, talent, talent!